Year-End Tax Tip

38232088_2144617109140473_4813627160117903360_nYear-end Tax Tip. Make 401(k) and HSA contributions. People can make tax-deductible contributions to traditional IRAs up to April 15 of next year. However, the door closes on Dec. 31 for 401(k) and health savings account contributions.

Is This You?


The Tax Benefits for Hiring Your Own Child

20150619000453-star-warsHow would you like to help your children develop a sense of responsibility and strong work ethic, while simultaneously letting them earn some money and save for college, all tax-free?

It’s possible. Kids fill our lives with joy, but they also fill our lives with tax benefits. Every child you claim as a dependent can lower your taxable income by $3,950. And the Child Tax Credit may save you another $1,000 per qualifying child if your income is less than Continue reading